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Zubler Z1 ECO PRO / Z1 CAM PRO

*5000 hour motor life guarantee*

*Remote control and diagnostics via Android Smartphone App*


The Zubler Z1 ECO PRO / Z1 CAM PRO


Built with Zubler know how in central suction. The Z1 ECO PRO and Z1 CAM PRO are specifically designed for milling machines or handpiece control.
  • Bucket for dust collection.
  • Interface specifically for milling machines ( Z1 CAM PRO)  or Handpiece (Z1 ECO PRO.
  • Can be exhausted outside.
  • Guaranteed 5000 hour motor life.
  • Bluetooth interface for ap control through Android phones.


Each Z1 generation extraction unit utilizes a discrete power supply board for collector motor and digital processor control. These discreet electronics allow the collector motors to achieve a particularly long service life over conventional systems that utilize phase control or transformer controls.   Z1 generation systems are available in two series “ECO” & “CAM”.   "ECO" series extraction systems are guaranteed by Zubler GmbH to have a minimum motor lifespan of 2000 hours.  Changing the carbon brushes allows further significant extension of the total service life, since the collector motor shows very slight traces of wear after the first set of brushes are ready for replacement.

Z1 series single-user extraction systems are unbeatable compared to conventional systems and to extraction systems with cost-intensive fans, EC or asynchronous drives. Controlled collector motors run with very low vibration. Thus, the engine noise is only minimally noticeable for the user in the workplace.

High volume flow efficiency

Energy savings is an essential requirement for a digital dental Dust Collector.  It contributes to protect-ing the environment and leads to cost savings, an operational requirement and the basis for the pur-chase of a new appliance.  If the filter condition is good, a Zubler Z1 ECO will require approximately 120W of electrical power to generate a flow rate of 20 l/s. That's almost a 50% energy savings com-pared to previous models. In addition to control and motor type, flow optimization within the extrac-tion system plays a key role in this. But the maximum vacuum also plays a role. This comparison is im-portant in order to show the savings, even when operating with poor filter condition.  Here, the ener-gy saving is still about 10%.

Minimalist control panel

Without superfluous information on the device, there is still freedom for the user to make extensive individual settings.  These “rarely used” individual settings are easy to access using the new Zubler App for Android tablets and smart phones that can connect directly to the new Z1 extraction system via Bluetooth.  The new Zubler Suction Technology APP, can be downloaded and installed free of charge from the Zubler homepage or the Google Play Store. The software features more than 50 pages of settings and is intuitive.  For each function there is help available with explanations that automatically appear in the language set by the Android operating system.  On the Unit itself, there are plus, minus, store and ON / OFF buttons to adjust the suction level and turn the unit on and off.  Next to the buttons are the suction levels LED display and service indicator LED and filter change indicator LED.  No other functions or displays are really necessary for average usage.

Introduction of the fully digital control complemented by a step function selection.

 The chosen suction stage is only the respective nominal value of the volume flow, which is kept constant by the control electronics. The suction power of any suction stage is reduced only after the motor begins running at maximum power to maintain the desired volume flow. Usually indicating a blockage or filter bag in need of replacement, in this case the user can choose a suction loss threshold to indicate a warning or shut down the system. In addition, suction levels can be set using the new Zubler Suction Technology Android APP.

Intelligent flow control

The volume flow generated by the extraction is constantly monitored. At the user level, this is referred to as cubic feet per minute (CFM) or liters per second (l/s). So that the extraction system does not have to re-regulate to a set point every time the system is switched on or the suction level changed, the system autonomously learns the current engine power from its control and stores it again at frequent intervals. When the suction is switched on, the last stored value for the desired suction stage is used immediately. The control system then only has to compensate for changes resulting from increasing filter contamination. The effect for the user is an instantaneous supply of the desired amount of suction, without the undesirable affects of overshoot, commuting, etc.  Also, the current volume flow of the extraction system can be controlled as a live value using the new Zubler Suction Technology Android APP.  Since the values ​​are processed according to the sensor’s heuristics, the extraction system functions like a measuring instrument. Thus, it could be used to show how much suction power is provided by other or older suction systems.

Multifunctional exhaust air connection

The design of the Zubler Z1 ECO housing and exhaust system enables the use of every Zubler air ex-haust treatment configuration available.

  1. Air diffusion with M quality air filtration
  2. H14 quality air filtration
  3. Activated carbon filtration for vapors
  4. Outside exhaust (open air porting)
  1. Included with this digital dust collector system, the diffuser with M-filter ensures the lowest possible exhaust air velocity and also completely filters carbon deposits from the engine to exhaust air.  The low residual dust content of the exhaust air usually reaches values of class H filtration.
  2. By using the H filter with high filter surface (special accessory), the high dust filter class H14 is guaranteed with the highest air output and low power loss.
  3. The activated charcoal filter (special accessory) is dimensioned so that its impact and service life are significantly higher than with comparable systems that offer this option. Nevertheless, Zubler continues to take the view that, when processing plastic monomer, exhaust systems should be operated with exhaust air whenever possible.
  4. Exhaust air venting to the outside is possible without problems with the Zubler adapter RD72-DN75 (special accessory). The exhaust air is completely sealed from the motor housing of the exhaust system to the exhaust air connection and their connection, so that no exhaust air can escape from the unit (other than intended).

Faster Maintenance Access

 Quick access panels allow for expedient motor and filter maintenance without tools!  The filters and motor can be replaced in less than a minute! For service technicians, complete disassembly of the electronics is possible via 4 screws and 4 cable connectors.  Modular interchangeability, in conjunction with factory overhaul and reuse of non-service components, allow for long-term viability of equipment. This ideology allows for sustainable production of high-quality, durable products and is the company philosophy of Zubler.

 The motor life warranty not only applies to new systems, but also with each new replacement motor. This is not discretionary, when installing a new motor; the user is assigned a reset key generated by Zubler, which is used to reset the motor run time to zero.

Troubleshooting and remote maintenance via Android APP

Before a component requires replacement, a fault diagnosis can be made utilizing the status displays of the Android App. Remote Zubler assisted maintenance is also possible if, in addition to the Bluetooth connection to the extraction system, an internet connection is available on the smart phone or tablet.  With Team viewer Qs (Quick Support), information from the extraction system can be read out and  changed in real time from anywhere in the world.

Filter System Change

 With Z1 CAM PRO series extraction units, it is possible to have two dust collection methods installed (container with handle and a filter bag) and switch between them with the Android app utilizing the “Filter System” parameter adjustment.  This may be useful with certain processes, e.g. where metal shavings need to be collected separately from zirconium dust when milling.

 Of course, dust separation is also possible with the suction ducts CAM and ECO, since the filter bag is installed in a basket module and several basket modules can be provided for direct exchange without having to change the filter itself with its seal.

Overview of the properties of the Z1 extraction system:

  • Very quiet and low vibration by power electronics, from 45dB (A) at 20 l / s
  • High performance up to 65 l / s (CAM)
  • Long engine life
    • o   2000 hours warranty (ECO)
    • o   1500 hours warranty (CAM) very high volume flow efficiency optional continuous filter system with compressed air filter cleaning (System PRO only)
  • Simple and clear operation on the device
  • Extensive system settings via Android APP and Bluetooth
  • System check by remote maintenance
  • Suction stages with simultaneous flow control
  • Individual suction stage programming
  • Quick start with target volume flow
  • Volume flow measurement with live display
  • Multifunctional exhaust connection for Diffuser, H-filter, activated carbon and exhaust air
  • Quick replacement of filters and motor within a minute same size as previous models V6000 / V7000
  • Compatible with existing installations and device couplings
  • Automatic socket for dust producers up to 6A bidirectional 24V PLC interface for coupling to CAM systems
  • Connection for external control panel
  • Connection for potential-free, external switching signals or switching devices
  • Noise-optimized suction nozzle with DN 50 swivel adapter 50/40 for noise minimized hose connection
  • Adjustable feet for floor leveling and parallelism
  • 19mm front panel, individual, suitable for furniture design


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