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Mode X4

The MODE X4 milling machine.


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Four axis dental dry dental milling machine with integrated design developed for simplicity. The MO-DE X4 is a dry dental milling machine with specially developed control system featuring X-soform op-eration platform supporting the use of digital denture horizontal structural design. The key control unit is made of high quality imported specially designed screw guide rail driving the motion of each axis. Components are maintenance-free design, reducing the need for professional maintenance pro-grams. The Mode X4 is a High speed, high precision machine featuring liquid cooled spindle and touch screen integrated computer control system.

Designed for truly plug and play operation and built on a robust industrial strength platform. The MODE X4 low center of gravity ensures smooth vibration free milling with a solid steel outer skin. 

General mill speed examples:  Wax 3-4 min/pc, Zirconia 8-10 min/pc.

The MODE X4 comes with Hyperdent C.A.M. software

Minimum computer requirements for running CAD and CAM software.

*Recommend i7 Intel CPU 3.2GHZ+ 4 core - 8 threads.  Nvidia Quatro video card at least 4gb. Solid state (Optional) Hard Drives speed up writing NC files .*


Dimension:28.7 x 28.3 x 24.4 in.

Net Weight:Approximately 330 lb

Input Voltage:Single-Phase 220V 50/60HZ

Max Power:2.0kWh

Spindle Power : 1.2kWh

Axis quantity:4

Milling Range:XYZ:125/130/80mm A:360°

Milling Mode:Dry milling

Max speed:60,000rpm

Max feeding speed:6000mm/min

Bur Capacity:3

Bur Changing:Automatic

Cooling:water cooling


 Milling Time: zirconia:8-10 mins wax:3-4mins a unit.










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