Zubler FZ series Central Suction Starting at $2000.00 per station

  • Zubler FZ series Central Suction Starting at $2000.00 per station


Zubler FZ series Central Suction Starting at $2000.00 per station

Zubler FZ20, FZ10 and FZ5 

Central suction units are custom deigned for your particular needs.

Ranging in price from $2,000.00 to $3,500.00 Per station. Every central suction system requires custom design and quotation for individual needs. Zubler® is known world wide for superior central suction and accessories that by far outlast and out perform any other system in Dentistry. 


Central Suction System Zubler FZ VARIO

The Zubler FZ VARIO central vacuum system with its accessory vacuum funnels is a solution without compromise. With its efficient vacuum motors and filtering systems, available in different output classes and combinations, the Zubler® central vacuum systems are suitable for providing suction at all handpiece positions and acrylic workbenches, as well as any other dust-producing devices in dental laboratories of any size.
The advantages of a central vacuum system become particularly obvious when all devices and workbenches within the laboratory benefit from central suction. The VARIO system controls the air volume stream, continuously adapting the suction depending on the number of open vacuum positions.

Dust in dental technology is a big occupational hazard!

Dental technicians are especially at risk. According to statistics by the BGFE (German Occupational Society for Precision and Electrical Engineering), occupational skin and lung diseases are considerably more prevalent among dental technicians than the BGFE average. Fine airborne particles are especially dangerous. Highly detrimental effects on the skin and respiratory organs have also been identified for dental gypsum and investment materials. The same is true of non-classified particles with general exposure limits.
Occupational health and safety are non-negotiable
If dental laboratories fail to use suction, most dust that is generated will clearly exceed occupational
exposure limits. Suction to eliminate dusts is invariably required by German regulations governing the use of hazardous
substances. Furthermore, all vacuum systems must be mandatorily tested for effectiveness at least once
a year.

We support you with our experience.

Dust exposure can be dramatically reduced by the use of optimized funnel systems and state-of-the-art vacuum
equipment. Vacuum systems are particularly effective if they convey exhaust air to the outside of the building. This will also improve the indoor climate throughout the laboratory. Zubler offers a number of vacuum options, so you can always select a solution that is optimized for the needs of your laboratory.



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