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Dental Concept Systems DC7

Simultaneous 5 axis mill capable of milling all dental materials.


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DC7 milling system for the modern dental laboratory

The DC7™ is a CAD/CAM machining centre for dental laboratories with industrial aspirations and paves the user‘s way towards more efficient production. Packed in a contemporary design, this high-tech dental milling machine owes its high-performance to state-of-the-art technology. 

With integrated measurement in the workpiece automation, controllable extraction technology, self-contained machine calibration system and the possibility to use all conventional dental materials, the DC7™ is the high-tech dental milling machine that meets the requirements for comprehensive milling centres. 

Taking into account the requirements of dental technology, the DC7™ enables you to step up to the super class despite a manageable investment.


Technical data for the DC7™
Dimensions in cm (W x H x D) 73.5 x 195 x 81.5

Weight - 
1421.98lb (with Zubler extraction system)

Spindle High-frequency spindle with hybrid ball bearings and tuning of power/torque for continuous load.
Max speed: 60,000 rpm

Tool holder Pneumatic collet chuck for milling bits with 6 mm shaft with clamping force boost Angle of inclination
in the rotary axes 360° tilt angle (B-axis) ± 30° milling angle (A- and B-axis) Repeatability ± 0,01 mm

Blank changer 7-disc

Compressed air connection min. 7 bar

Voltage/frequency 230 V / 50 Hz


Features of the DC7™

■ System freedom
■ Strong motor spindle with increased clamping force for high continuous loads
■ 5-axis milling system, simultaneous
■ Dry and wet machining
■ For zircon oxide, ceramic materials, lithium disilicate, CoCr, titanium, PMMA, composites, wax and model materials
■ Integrated, fully automatic extraction system from Zubler
■ Exchangeable 20-fold tool changer with automatic tool measurement and management of twin tools
■ App-based remote monitoring for machine and DC CONTROL control software
■ Support by a professional support team direct from the manufacturer





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