Cooling Liquids

  • Titanium Coolant and Ceramic Coolant


Cooling Liquids

Metal Coolant 

Metal Coolant 014 cooling lubricant is specically manufactured for the ma- chining of dicult-to-machine metals such as CoCr steels, titanium and titanium alloys. Metal Coolant 014 enables a high material removal rate and delivers im- pressive results, even when machining ultra-ne surfaces. Titanium and titanium alloys exhibit the desired surface shine after milling, and never appear dull or cloudy. Apart from good biocompatibility, Metal Coolant 014 keeps the milling machine clean thanks to its low-foam properties and enables a clear view of the objects being machined. Metal Coolant 014 was specially developed for the cooling and lter systems in DCS milling machines and precisely adapted to suit the DC milling tools.


Ceramic Coolant

Ceramic Coolant 016 has been specially manufactured for use in DCS cooling and lter systems, and for the grinding of commercially available glass ceramics, composites and hybrid ceramics. Ceramic Coolant 016 was engineered to attain the highest standards of biocompatibility, machine cleanliness and economy. Long tool service life for employed mounted points and the gentlest possible machining of ceramic blocks enable pinpoint results even in small cavities.
Ceramic Coolant 016 delivers impressive surface nishes and stable grinding re- sults for all the ceramic materials mentioned. There are no high maintenance costs or foam problems; handling is simple and the coolant long-lasting.

Metal Coolant 014 and Ceramic Coolant 016 are available in pre-mixed ready- to-use containers or as concentrates that can be mixed with distilled water. The containers are simple to stack and re-usable. All coolant containers are matched to the volumes of the DCS cooling and lter systems.


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