Simple information for complex challenges.

The rule of 3rds

Perfection does not always come from nature, so we use art along with science to determine the best possible outcome for each individual case. Every human has a unique roadmap, so to follow it, we use photos and apply our skill and knowledge.


Providing accurate facial photos is fundamental in creating a great smile. Non retracted photos of the full face from hairline to below the chin are required.  Pose should be straight on, looking directly at the camera with NO cant.

Lips closed, lips and jaw at rest, and big smile!


Profile Photos tells us about lip and facial support. They also tell us about jaw relationships.

A picture tells a thousand words! How cliche!!!


20 to 30 degrees.

As we age, many of us loose tooth structure due to wear or worse, loss of teeth. When that happens we lose important functionality.

In many reconstruction cases these values need to be corrected for proper function as well as face and lip support. Seeing your patients overall picture helps us understand their individual circumstance.

Lip Lines and gums

No one wants a gummy smile or teeth that are too long or too short.

Curve of Wilson and Curve of Spee may describe relationships in occlusion and angulation of teeth for proper function. Outside the mouth, the lips do all the talking. They can often offer clues to correct length of teeth and fullness of buccal corridor. Teeth support the soft tissue and need to be analyzed. 

While function comes first, we also analyze the entire face and tooth positioning as well. A smile that's just right!

Prototypes on patients with or without teeth.

When preparing a patient for implants on hybrid cases, it is possible to create prototypes even when the patient has existing teeth.

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