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The intra oral scanner.

Intra Oral Scanner

Why Digital?

  • Speed ! While scanning still requires packing gingiva and keeping the scan area clean of blood and saliva, it eliminates mixing of materials and wait times to allow material to set. 
  • Once scan is finished it only takes minutes to upload the data to Mode.
  • Eliminates disaffection and spread of disease.
  • No shipping delays.
  • Accuracy that can't change due to materials.
  • No need for physical models on simple cases.
  • Mode digital RX offers quick and simple forms based on type of restoration.

All of these benefits mean faster case turnaround and more efficient management.





Prototypes are created before implant planning! Based on your intra Oral scans, we create tooth set ups digitally that can be tried in the patients mouth. after any adjustments the protocol type is included in the digital implant planning software. This allows proximation of tooth placement as well as angulation possibilities while digitally creating placement of implants.


Implant Planning / CBCT Scans  


Implant Planning Software

Digital implant planing allows every advantage over hand guided. Most important is the ability to visualize bone quality and volume as well as correct implant sizing for the situation. Measurement tools give us a way to avoid sinus areas and nerve canals. 

CBCT Markers

Guided Surgery.


Predictable through precision. Guided surgery works on every type of implant case form single implants to full mouth implant rehab. Fully digital workflows with accuracy at the core and confidence for your patients.




Digital Accuracy


Existing implants?

Forget about verification the old fashioned way! Mode uses iCam from iMetric. With its specialized markers placed in the mouth, iCam scan the exact positions and creates coordinates that can be imported directly into dental CAD software. This eliminated the worry of inaccurate or non passive fitting restorations. It's quick, it's easy and it allows for fully digital restorations.



The Restorative prosthetic.

Layered Zirconia Hybrid

The ART!

State of the art prosthetics from state of the art tools. 3D printers and milling machines produce accurate frameworks of which our art is applied. Mode takes your patients needs seriously and we meticulously go over every detail be for we return your case. Single units to full mouth and everything in between.
Trust in Mode Smart! 






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