CConcept Press ingots are processed utilizing the dental press method for precise, tooth-colored restorations. Concept Press can be pressed and stained with Concept Art stains as a “full contour” restoration or utilized as a substructure and layered with DC Ceram 9.2 ceramic and stained with Concept Art stains. Color coordinated, Concept Press ingots are available in multiple levels of opacity and translucency. The selection of the translucency is based on the clinical requirements and the desired processing technique (layering, cut - back, staining technique).
The composition of the Concept Press lithium disilicate glass-ceramic allows the use of several ingots during a single pressing process. This compatibility enables an optimized use of materials without costly residual losses or risky un-approved reuse of harvested ingots.

conceptPress D
This translucency is offered in 16 Vita shades (A1 - D4) and three bleach shades (BL1 - BL3) and is suitable for both the layer and the staining technique. The dentin ingots exhibit natural brightness and color and prevent graying of the incorporated restorations in the mouth.

conceptPress ID
The ID ingots are available in five colors (ID1 - ID5) and ideal because of their higher opacity for manufacturing as a framework material on discolored preparations. The anatomical shape of the prosthetic work is then completed with the Ceramay dental ceramics DC Ceram™ 9.2 in the layering technique.

conceptPress CT
The CT blanks (CT1 - CT3) due to their high translucency are perfectly suited for the manufacture of restorations such as inlays and onlays. The discreet coloring in the base colors of the Vita® classic shade system ensures a perfect adaptation to the natural tooth

conseptPress Pearl
Pearl consist of 3 medium translucent ingots  ( 1-3 ) OM1 - OM3 MT equivalent. Pearl are translucent bleach shade perfect for dark stump veneers as well as full contour and stacked structures. Pearl emits an opalescent quality similar to bleached teeth. 

conceptPress Bleach
Bleach shades in LT ( Low Translucent ) are perfect for coping structures that require maximum blocking power as well as slight cutback technique for superior natural bright tooth reconstructions.


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