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Test of time

Mode Smart like most businesses has evolved over three decades and several iterations. we started the journey in the early 80' as Nexus Prosthetics. During that time we became recognized for our attention to detail and fearse competitive attitude. Many great mentors along the way have helped shape our strong fundimentals, fine tuning our skills. MG Artology was then born as we had a great desire to integrate technology into our traditional methods. During this time we were given many special opportunities to teach and share our opinions on developing materials and technology. Today we are MODE SMART, today technology has for the most part finally caught up to our desires and we embrace it with all we have to offer.

Great Ideas

We are always challenging ourselves to accomplish difficult tasks. Going digital to the degree Mode Smart has requires years of learning. When presented with a challenge we use our decades of experience and teamwork to make great ideas come to life.

Precision Crafted

Function first, form, and the skill of an artisan create natural, durable and works that are pleasing to the eye.


We aren't afraid to ask questions. Sharing information and knowledge leads to efficient results. The more information we have, less we fall short of the goal.

Hitting the Mark

All the players have a role, Ours is to complete your requests with skill and competence.


Years in training


Satisfied Customers




Meet our team

We are what some say, a boutique lab. Yes, we are small, we have a specific clientele. We are large in the way we harness technology however.


Big Stuff


Bot Stuff

Donna F.


Guaranteed results beyond all expectations

Mode Smart strives to deliver exceptional restorations with efficiency and skill.

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