VARIO SC Surface Conditioner

VARIO SC Surface Conditioner

Perfect pressing


What to do about small edge inaccuracies when pressing thinly tapered areas? This question was asked by Wolfgang Weisser from Aalen. The head of industrial communication of the dental laboratory is also the boss of a company in Aalen. The master dental technician found an amazingly simple solution: the VARIO SC Surface Conditioner from Zubler. Here is his review.



PRESSING LITHIUM DISILICATES is still widespread. In our laboratory, we rely on this reliable and efficient technology, in addition to all the digital possibilities. Whether digital or manual, it is important to me that the handling and the end result meet my requirements. In spite of careful work and edge design, I noticed small marginal inaccuracies in thinly tapering areas (veneer) under the microscope during pressing. I was sure that I had done everything correctly in wax or had damaged nothing in the instigation. The new VARIO SC Surface Conditioner (1) from Zubler promised relief. The intelligent powerhouse sparked my interest and so I tried it out right away. The procedure is the same as before, only after pressing follows a small change. With my hand I pull the weight of the VARIO SC up and put the hot pressed.





Perfect results without much rework of ring in the VARIO SC Surface Conditioner. Then the weight on the ram (I use the disposable plungers by Zubler) of the pressed-out ring is filed. In the floor area, a fan is installed, which immediately starts to cool the ring. After 20 minutes the optimization process is finished and you can set the next ring . Conclusion Due to the very liquid lithium disilicate and the high temperature during pressing it comes to the surface reaction. A white layer forms on the press objects. With the VARIO SC Surface Conditioner the ring is defined and evenly cooled. Thus, the formation of the white layer is reduced by about half and brings the desired end result. Due to the uniform pressure on the ram no solidification contraction takes place and there are no misalignments. This gives me a perfect score and saves me a lot of time. This powerhouse needs neither an up-date nor a calibration, a big advantage! Such simple improvements in the workflow inspire me, especially since they are always worth it. My verdict is therefore: The VARIO SC Surface Conditioner is a win for Presser!


ZTM Wolfgang Weisser Aalen


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