Mode zirconia coloring tutorial.

Mode zirconia coloring tutorial.



Mode Color Training_MG


Make sure your zirconia units are clean and free from dust and debris before starting the coloring process!!


Coloring with MODE color, is easy!

All our materials use the same principle so showing one example, applies to all of our different materials and their coloring systems.

This video does not cover MODE MODIFIER COLORS!
Mode modifier coloring will be shown in a different video involving more complex case coloring.

We prefer to color with a brush. You can use the brush for applying your, TO incisal and dip in body color for up to 2 minutes for a similar result. Using a brush leads to better overall saturation however.

Step one. Apply TO incisal.

You want to watch the color absorb into the material.
Applying to just each cusp tip and moving around the object allows time for the previous application to fully absorb. You want to do this about 3 times.

The incisal, T O is in reality, a blocking mechanism and fills the pours of select areas of the tooth structure so as they do not accept as much of the body color when applying.

Next we apply the Body color.

Start on the inside of the object going, around all surfaces, one time.

Move to the outer surface.

Again, you want to work around the object applying liquid in a manner that gives time for previous applications to absorb into the material.

You will reach a point after about three times going around the object, that no more liquid is accepted by the material.
This is when you know the material has been fully impregnated by the liquid.


Place colored zirconia in a toaster oven
at 200 degrees fahrenheit for 45 minutes to an hour.

This is very important!!

You do not want to dry zirconia in a Sintering Oven!!
This can lead to discoloration of the zirconia and also lead to damaged elements over time.