.3mm Cutback on MODE 3D

.3mm Cutback on MODE 3D


Part 1

 If you want a simple trick to add even more power to your full contour Mode 3D restorations, try this easy and well known trick with EXOCAD. The .3mm Cutback technique.

The cutback allows for the addition of a fluorescent layer as well as minor internal effects wrapped in an enamel layer.

What benefits are there?

One: you have the ability to add detail internaly as opposed to staining the outside surface.

Two: This technique adds a softer occlusal material that is more kind to opposing natural dentition, especially when adding a low fusing material such as Zubler 9.2 ceramic which is a powerful fluorescent ceramic.

Its OK! Your not cheating! In fact new modern zirconia such as MODE 3D multilayer is so powerful and easy to make, it makes sense in that these new materials offer a stronger much higher esthetic result compared to any other form of restoration we have seen in dentistry.

The Future is MODE.


Exo-Cutback Posterior-MODE from MG